About HK Metalcraft

A Trusted Partner In DFM and Manufacturing

Delivering Reliable Custom Metal Parts Around the World

With 90 years of custom stamping, DFM, and engineering experience, HK Metalcraft is an innovative leader in the metal stamping industry. The Hopp family, now in its fourth generation of leadership and ownership at HK Metalcraft, continues to lead the privately held organization.

Headquartered in Lodi, New Jersey our facility houses an office, manufacturing facility, and warehouse space. Being under one roof allows our operation to run more efficiently and flexibly. Because our operation is under the same roof, our engineers can prototype, DFM, manufacture, repair, test, and improve our products.

At HK Metalcraft, we specialize in delivering individualized customer attention, custom engineering, advanced manufacturing techniques, and experienced engineers. It is because of our capabilities we are able to deliver on our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality products.

Fulfilling The “HK Metalcraft Assurance” Through Customer Satisfaction And Quality Products

The HK Metalcraft Assurance is all about you, our customers. We focus on building great customer and supplier relationships through our communication practices, knowledge of engineering and precision metal stamping, quality products, and financial stability. Because we take the time and effort to form long-lasting partnerships with our customers, we’re able to deliver superior satisfaction at every point of the custom metal stamping process. Our commitment to this means we have open channels of communication and the expert knowledge to help you create quality products.


At HK Metalcraft, our mission is to manufacture high-quality precision metal stampings, formed products and related assemblies for all industries worldwide.
We expect and demand the best we have to offer by always keeping HK Metalcraft’s values in mind.



Promote a quality-in-all-we-do philosophy with a total company effort and commitment to continuous improvement.

Customer Focused

Stay attuned to the dynamic individual requirements of our customers, addressing all requests, inquiries, and concerns in a timely manner.


Provide leadership in design for manufacturing assistance, engineering, processes and material utilization.


Acknowledge that employees and their families, our customers, suppliers and the community deserve recognition and respect because they play an important role in our company’s success.

Environment and Safety

Foster a safe and clean workplace and a responsible attitude toward the outside environment.


Promote a strong sense of purpose, integrity and teamwork, which fosters strong support and allows us to enjoy our endeavors.


Facilitate long-standing relationships between our customers, suppliers and HK Metalcraft.

Shipping Worldwide to Satisfy Precision Metal Stamping Needs

The need for quality metal products is worldwide. That’s why the team at HK Metalcraft works diligently to supply the quality parts you need anywhere in the world. We deliver to innovative companies in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

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