Sandwich Gaskets and Manifold Bolt French Locks

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What are Sandwich Gaskets and Manifold Bolt French Locks?

Sandwich Gaskets are gaskets that sits between two major components, generally found in engines. Its purpose is to seal the components to ensure maximum compression and avoid leakage of anything moving through or around the components. The sandwich gasket is the most critical sealing application in any engine. A sandwich gasket must shares the same strength requirements as the components it sits between.

Some of our sandwich gaskets are not made of the three components, but we still refer to them as “sandwich gaskets” because they perform the same function.

Manifold Bolt French Locks are simply used to hold the sandwich gaskets in place. Material choice is essential, because like the sandwich gasket, it must exhibit the same strength or greater than the components it is sealing.

What are the components that make up a Sandwich Gasket?

A Sandwich Gasket consistes of three components. There are two metal containers that sandwich thermal milboard.

What is Thermal Millboard?

Thermal Millboard is a thin an dense substance that is made up of NON-ASBESTOS insulating material. The common material is usable in applications typical for the heat requirements of a diesel engine. If you require heat tolerances that are higher, please contact us and we will work with you to fulfull your needs with specialized material.

How can Sandwich Gaskets and Manifold Bolt French Locks be ordered?

If you would like more information about our Sandwich Gaskets and Manifold Bolt French Locks please call our customer service manager Rich Richelieu at (973) 471-7770 ext. 114 or the appropriate manufacturing representive for your location.

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