Custom Metal Aerospace Parts To Make Your project Successful

HK Metalcraft Works With Leading Aerospace Companies to Develop and Produce The Custom Aerospace Pars They Need

Our engineers have the experience and understanding to develop the custom metal aerospace parts that you and the rest of the aerospace industry relies upon on a daily basis. From initial designs through the entire manufacturing process, HK Metalcraft’s engineers will work closely with you to determine the best custom metal part solutions to make your project as successful as it possibly can be.

Fuselage Hardware

Control Cables

Engine Igniters


HK Metalcraft Offers Precision Engineering and Customized Solutions

You can’t rely on standard aerospace parts to complete your project. You need precision engineered parts and custom solutions to make your project function and perform properly. HK Metalcraft has the tools and resources you need to complete your project and take it to the next level.

Engine Igniters

The simplest of controls can be built with the most intricate washer or gasket. You don’t want to let standard components be the driving force of your engine igniters.


From navigation systems to the intricate pieces of your missile, HK Metalcraft has the experience you can rely on when it comes to making your missiles perform the way they are supposed to.


When it comes to navigating space shuttles and satellites, the experts at HK Metalcraft understands the importance of your gyroscope and the precision it brings to your technology.

Delivering Innovative Metal Parts Solutions to the Aerospace Industry

We work with aerospace companies across the globe to deliver the custom engineered metal parts they need to complete their projects. Specializing in custom washers and gaskets, our engineers can help you develop the solutions you need through engineering design support, prototyping, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

Are you ready to work with HK Metalcraft?

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