Custom Metal Construction Parts For Increased Quality In The Industry

HK Metalcraft Works with Construction Industry Leaders to Develop and Deliver Innovative Metal Components

As a leader and innovator in the construction industry, you are looking to enhance your products, develop new products, or streamline your processes. HK Metalcraft will work closely with you to develop the construction parts and tools you need to drive innovation, enhancement, and efficiency. Our engineers are experts at reviewing construction part designs, making material and process recommendations, and implementing streamlined manufacturing practices.

Fire Protection Systems



Insulation Systems

Custom Construction Parts You Can Rely On

Taking the time to understand your individual needs allows the expert engineers at HK Metalcraft to design metal washers, custom gaskets, and other metal components to fit your products and take your projects to the next level. From design to prototype, our engineers will help you develop the right custom metal stampings for the job. Once we agree on the right material and design, we can manufacture the stamping to the right specifications, ensuring your product will perform the way you need it to every time.

Fire Safety

Custom washers and gaskets can take your fire prevention and control products to the next level. These small components allow water to be dispersed and controlled in the correct proportions.

Insulation Systems

From construction equipment to infrastructure, the industrial industry is built with small components. Without the right parts, your equipment and projects may not function properly.

Providing Construction Industry Experts With Parts They Can Rely On

We partner with global construction leaders to deliver the precision metal stamping products they can rely on every day. At HK Metalcraft, we streamline the production process by offering engineering design support, prototyping, product manufacturing, and supply chain management. Our experts understand you need quality from the beginning of the process through the end.

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