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Innovative Metal Washers Designed to Meet Unique Specifications

You aren’t looking for a standard washer or gasket. You’re looking for a part that meets your unique specifications and performs on demand. HK Metalcraft works diligently to maintain a reputation of innovation. Our engineers use CAD software to draw and review your designs that increase your product’s performance. We have the ability to receive your designs electronically and review them with a number of different programs. This capability allows us to reduce administrative, handling, and inspection costs.

Metal Stamping Design FAQS

What programs do HK Metalcraft engineers use to review YOUR designs?

Our engineers have access to advanced technologies and software that allows them to review, draft, and plan designs from a number of different perspectives. We frequently use SolidWorks CAD, but we accept models and files in a variety of formats:

  • Pro-Engineer
  • Catia
  • DXF
  • IGES
My company already has designs, can you help improve them?
HK Metalcraft engineers have the experience it takes to review product designs and make any necessary improvements. Because we’re focused on innovation, our engineers will review your designs and make any recommendations we think improve the designs and final products. After making those recommendations, we can assist you in prototyping the product, and manufacturing any custom components you need.
I have a great idea for a new product, can you help me draw up the plans?
If your product involves any custom gasket, washers, or other small metal components, our engineers can help draw up the plans you need to start production. Our engineers will discuss your ideas, the function of the product, and the unique specifications. Once we have the information, we’ll begin drawing the designs for the custom pieces involved.

HK Metalcraft’s Additional Capabilities Streamline Production

HK Metalcraft’s capabilities don’t stop with engineering DFM support. We work with our customers from initial product and their part design through the manufacturing and supply chain management process for a more streamlined production operation.

Are you in need of Custom Gaskets or MetaL Washers?

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