Supply Chain Management

For A More Efficient Process

Customized Supply Chain Management Solutions To Mitigate Risks

Working with suppliers means relying on them to complete projects and manufacture products that meet your specific and unique needs. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, HK Metalcraft will work with you to develop a supply chain management process that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. We have customized contingency plans in place to help mitigate risk and reduce production hold ups. While we can’t prevent every single supplier hold up, we do have plans in place that reduce downtime due to supply issues.

PLEX ERP For Fully Integrated Operations

At HK Metalcraft, we understand how crucial the supply chain management process is your business. To drive manufacturing processes and to keep you connected with the manufacturing of your parts, we use PLEX, a cloud-based ERP system. Through PLEX, HK Metalcraft has the ability to manage our supply chain from the ground up.

  • Material traceability through each step of manufacturing
  • Improved collaboration with suppliers and customers
  • Reduced equipment downtime and unexpected failures
  • Central production hub for Increased efficiency
  • Optimized shop floor output and utilization

Contingency Plan

At HK Metalcraft, we understand that a business can’t predict or stop business disasters. Because of this recognition, we work diligently to establish well-designed contingency plans and crisis management programs to help reduce risks and improve the outcome of a crisis scenario. By having an established contingency plan, HK Metalcraft has an actionable plan focused on roles, responsibilities, recovery concepts, and activities that aid in the crisis management and emergency response process. We follow the latest business continuity program best practices, which allows us to perform self-assessments, risk analysis, plan for disasters, exercise the plan, and continue to train our team. 

HK Metalcraft’s Supply Chain Management FAQS

What happens if a natural disaster holds a supplier up?
HK Metalcraft has contingency plans in place for these exact reasons. We can’t control what happens a world away or in the next town, but we can and do have a plan for when these events happen.


Is quality control built into the HK Metalcraft supply chain process?
Quality is one of the most important aspects of what we do at HK Metalcraft. Because quality is so important to us, we do quality inspections at every point of the production process. We can’t deliver quality products to you without having quality supplies from the start of the process.


How does HK Metalcraft manage the supply chain process?
At HK Metalcraft, we use PLEX, an ERP software program designed to automate the plant and inform the entire company of what is happening. The software connects HK Metalcraft to our suppliers, machines, material, systems, and our customers, so communication is always open.


Additional HK Metalcraft Production Processes

The production process isn’t all about supply chain management, though it is a crucial step throughout the process. In order to streamline the precision metal stamping production process, HK Metalcraft also offers:

Are you ready to improve processes and your supply chain?

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