Improving Quality One Design At A Time

HK Metalcraft’s Prototyping Allows for Increased Quality And Cost Reduction

By creating a prototype of your engineered designs, HK Metalcraft can assist you in finding the right specifications and the right materials. By prototyping early in the development stage, you can eliminate production and manufacturing waste. Prototyping allows our engineers to see how the parts work together, what materials will work best, and how to best produce the final product. The process of prototyping allows you to avoid the cost of recalls, remanufacturing, and extra design time later.

Product Prototyping FAQS

I already have designs for my product. Can you produce a prototype?

Our engineers can absolutely produce a prototype according to your unique specifications. The prototype production will require a review of your product or project designs, but once the review process is complete, we can prototype the product to ensure the best materials are used in final production.

Our product already exists, but I’m not sure it works as well as it could. Can your engineers help?
The process is all about increasing efficiency. We can take your current product, assess it, and prototype an alternative to the washers, gaskets, and small metal components you are currently using. There is a chance a better alternative to your current material or design exists and our engineers will help determine what those are.
How does the prototyping process work at HK Metalcraft?
The process always starts with a design review. We can’t accurately or adequately create or evaluate a prototype without knowing its unique specifications. Once our engineers have reviewed the designs, we’ll begin prototyping the product and making suggestions for materials and product requirements.

Custom Metal Stamping Services To Deliver Quality Parts

Creating a prototype of a product or project is just one step in the production of quality metal stampings. At HK Metalcraft, we work with customers from the initial design phase to managing the supply chain process. We want your product or project to succeed just as much as you do, which is why our services are designed to streamline the product process and increase quality.

Are you ready to build a prototype of your product or project?

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